My wedding day was everything I ever dreamed it could be, and there is no doubt in my mind that I owe that to Lauren. Hire her and expect your day to be perfect. End of story.
— Courtney, Bride
It was truly like we were guests at our own wedding.
— Claire, Bride
Lauren and Justine are the reason why many of our guests said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to.
— Nick, Groom
[Lauren] is organized and thorough, while still able to give you space to think and dream - though she won’t let you fall behind.
— Joanne, Bride
The only thing I can say is that after watching [YWbL] work in action, my maid of honor NEEDED their info to plan her day. YOU NEED THEM. BOOK THEM. NOW.
— Silvia, Bride
While [YWbL] made their mark on our wedding in ways we will always remember and appreciate, the beauty is that it truly felt like our vision.
— Stacey, Bride
Lauren is an absolute dream, a miracle worker, a wedding wonder woman, and also a whole lot of fun to spend time with. [She] is detail-oriented, thoughtful, and innovative. She is a logistical mastermind and gave consideration to every tiny detail of our wedding.
— Jessica, Bride
They were always available when I had a question (or a meltdown!) and – most importantly – had the most incredibly positive personalities that made me feel like they had it covered and it would all work out great!
— Taylor, Bride
What speaks volumes for Lauren’s work is the way that she is so respected by other vendors, venues, and industry professionals. They recognize her expertise and her skill, and they love working with her.
— Laura, Bride
From typing up changes to the ceremony script at 1AM the night before the wedding to swooping in with Goldfish crackers to calm a fussy flower girl— [Lauren] had it all under control.
— Christy, Bride
I cannot say enough great things about Justine, who ran our day flawlessly. From the moment she stepped into my hotel suite that morning, I already knew the day was going to run smoothly. She made sure our venue looked flawless, handled all of our vendors, assisted our large bridal party and our 2 large dogs with all of our needs! I’m still in awe of how she tackled it all.
— Sasha, Bride
[Lauren] made 6-star logistics and planning memos and then sent them in advance to the relevant friends and family, with each person’s role individualized.
— Dorothy + Yando, Bride + Groom
[Lauren and her team] were invested in us, our wedding, and our happiness, and we truly felt like they cared about us and our families — and that just means the absolute world.
— Joanna, Bride
When we talk about the wedding, we rave about the food, the decor and the location, but most importantly we rave about the support system behind it all - Your Wedding By Lauren.
— Erin, Bride
[They] have a young, fresh outlook and can help you plan a seamless, traditional wedding or a unique, eclectic event.
— Heather, Bride
We had the TIME OF OUR LIVES at our wedding and were able to relax and be fully present knowing YWBL was running the show. Treat yo self and hire YWBL.
— Betty, Bride
What can we say about Lauren. This lady has the disposition of a camp counselor, the organization of a librarian, and the excellence and rigor of a drill sergeant. She is unbelievable and our wedding ran without one single hitch because of her.
— Lizzy, Bride
Together Lauren and [her team] transformed a grand empty room into the exact vision my daughter and her fiance had wanted for their reception. It was beautiful.
— Sedonna, Mother of the Bride
Our vendors, family, friends and even our Priest made mention of how great [Lauren] was to work with.
— Susan, Bride
The first person a newly-engaged couple should call after sharing their good news with family is Lauren.
— Karen, Bride
During our wedding, [Lauren] executed my vision perfectly, with included a lot of small DIY details that I wasn’t available to pull together during the event.
— Lizzy, Bride
Lauren went above and beyond coordinating with all of our vendors and staying on top of last-minute to-dos. She is detail-oriented, prompt, and completely reassuring that everything is on track when the inevitable stress hits!
— Chelsea, Bride
Because of [Lauren], I did not have to worry on the week of my wedding. I was free to have FUN and soak in all the precious moments.
— Elizabeth, Bride
I’m so happy Lauren and her team were a part of my wedding day.
— Amy, Bride