Month-of coordinating is for couples who want peace of mind.

You're engaged! You've started the planning process: saved the date, booked the venue, confirmed the vendors, but now think:

"I've got the pieces, but how do they all fit together?"
"I've planned it out, now who is going to see my plans through while I drink champagne and enjoy myself?" 
"Oh crap! This is a lot! I can't do this all myself!"

... and that is when month-of coordinating comes in handy.

What you get when you go month-of:

Site visitor.
A walkthrough of all wedding sites with your professional event specialist.

For your party, family and vendors. This includes contract reviews, fulfilling vendor requirements and
sending details and confirmations to each party.

Timeline creator.
Creator of minute-to-minute “Master Memo” for all parties, combatting those last minute questions! 

Day-of Ringmaster.
Someone to run the show! Handle vendor load-in (and load-out!), perfect your set-up, problem solve, keep the  party going, save the world, etc.; 
All hassle-free for you. 

Another set of eyes.
Checks and double checks, leaving no wedding stone unturned.

Event(s) Manager.
Not only YOUR WEDDING but also
the reception, the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner as you need.

What month-of doesn't include:

-Creation of overall vision or theme
-Consultation in decor and design
-Booking venues or vendors

-Participation in or design of DIY projects
-Floral construction
-Oversight of printed materials

Items listed above would result in a more full-service event coordinator. But that's cool! Still feel free to contact Lauren and she can either further assist you or refer to someone else fantastic who can.


header photo courtesy of The Blonde Photographer