An affordable alternative to full service wedding planning, 
Month-Of Coordination is for couples who want peace of mind.

You're engaged! You've started the planning process: Saved the date, booked the venue, secured the future spouse, but think...

"I've got the pieces, but how does the puzzle fit together?"
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wedding planning is way more than I was expecting it to be! S.O.S!"
"I know exactly what I want for my wedding day, and it's to sip on champagne and not worry about a damn thing." 
"What am I missing? Is there something I didn't arrange? What am I missing? What am I missing!?"

... then Month of Coordination with YOUR WEDDING by Lauren might just be for you!

What you get when you go Month-Of with YWbL:

A Pal and a Confidante
Everyone feels differently about weddings. Everyone has different sensitivities, fears, expectations, hopes and dreams. We are here to hear you and alleviate any stress and anxiety we can. Let’s talk it out. We’ve got you!

We run the show! Handle vendor load-in (and load-out!), perfect your set-up, problem solve, keep the party going, put out all fires, save the world, etc. All ring-leading can be for Your Wedding, your rehearsal, after-party, after-after party, whatever you’ve got, so you can just sit back and ENJOY!

Event Einsteins
The team combined has successfully completed over 2,500 events. We’ve been up against some real challenges, so with our experience and your desire to get married, there ain’t nothing we can’t handle. #GoTeam

With our onsite tool kit, YWbL can hot glue, tape, sew, jimmy, shake, snap, crackle and pop anything that is needed. (If we were on “Let’s Make a Deal,” YWbL would win every. Darn. Time.) Whatever you need last minute, (hairspray, stain remover, snacks, tape, scissors, floral wire, bribes for children, bobbies, etc.) We will provide. Try us.

Puzzle Master
Taking all of your wedding puzzle pieces and putting the puzzle together in the minute-to-minute “Master Memo” for all parties, letting you enjoy the good stuff and letting us take care of room flipping and vendor load-in.

YWbL reviews all contracts, vendor requests and double checks emails that you created throughout your planning process to make sure there are no loose ends, missing gaps, or unsolved mysteries regarding Your Wedding that might keep you up at night wondering. 

Switchboard Operator
Once onboard, YWbL is the main point of contact for you,  your bridal party, family and vendors- alleviating your inbox, addressing last minute questions and making sure everyone is in the loop without anyone going nuts.

Honeymoon Money
Yes. Weddings are expensive. But LOVE is free (cue: “awwww”). We believe you shouldn’t have to pay astronomical prices to celebrate what you were lucky to find! The YWbL price structure allows you to have someone on your team for wedding day and still leaves you able to afford your honeymoon suite.

What Month-Of doesn't include:

Creation of overall vision or theme (it's not Our Wedding, It's Your Wedding! Get it!?)
Consultation in decor and design
Booking venues or vendors (though we love to recommend!) 
Participation in or design of DIY projects
Floral construction
Oversight of printed materials

These items listed above would result in a more full-service event planning. But that's cool! Still feel free to contact Lauren and she can either further assist you or refer to someone else fantastic who can.


header photo courtesy of Tom Harmon Photography