In the month leading up to our wedding, I found myself saying maybe once a day “what in the world would we have done without Lauren??”
— Shannon, Bride
photo courtesy of  Diana Zapata

photo courtesy of Diana Zapata


One time, Lauren coordinated a friend's wedding. The venue asked if she had a website, and the rest is history.

With 11 years of industry experience and at last count, over 1,500 events completed ranging from private dinners, concerts, conferences, academic lectures, funerals, graduation ceremonies, red carpet galas and of course, weddings, Lauren is the Month-Of Coordinating force behind the "by Lauren".

Coordinating weddings in both Nashville (where she currently resides) and New York (where she resided for 8 years and owes lots of Frequent Flyer miles to), Lauren has seen and done just about everything when it comes to weddings. 24-person bridal party? Let's do it. Intimate 50 person wedding? Hell yeah. Puppet Show? Yep, that too. Flash Mobs? Parades? Pets? Dinosaur Wedding Cakes? Yes, please! Need to change your entire wedding timeline the day before your wedding? Cool! If one season of middle-school softball taught Lauren anything, it's that she loves the pop flies (and is much better at event pop-flies than she is actual softball). Bring on Your Wedding. We can't wait!

Lauren is a Tennessee native (Go Vols!), Midwestern by choice (Go Hoosiers!) with a deep (deep) love for margaritas, karaoke, European adventures,  the word “logistics”, Gloria Steinem, Dolly Parton and Bruce Springsteen.

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header photo courtesy of Diana Zapata