Hey there! I’m Lauren Schaefer.

I’m a professional event planner, with 8 years of industry experience and at last count, 1,144 events completed. I began my career in Bloomington, Indiana before moving up to NYC and coordinating events at Columbia University and The New York City Ballet. Events range from private dinners, concerts, conferences, academic lectures, graduation ceremonies, red carpet galas and of course, weddings.

I am a Tennessee native (Go Vols!), Midwestern by choice (Go Hoosiers!) with a deep love for guacamole, the word “logistics”, Saturday Night Live and Bruce Springsteen. 

I look forward to talking to you about how we will make YOUR WEDDING wonderful!


What you get with Lauren:

Yeah, Weddings can be expensive. But LOVE is free (cue: “awwwwe”).
I believe you shouldn’t have to pay crazy prices to celebrate what you were lucky to find!

 Friend & Shoulder.
Everyone feels differently about weddings. Everyone has different sensitivities, fears, expectations, hopes and dreams.
I’m here to hear them all. Let’s talk it out. I got you!

I’ve done over 1,000 events. One. Thousand. And I LOVE it. I’ve been up against some real challenges,
so with my experience and your desire to get married, there ain’t nothing we can’t handle. #GoTeam

Supply Kit.
The word EPIC comes to mind. If I was on “Let’s Make a Deal,” I’d win Every. Darn. Time. Whatever you need last minute,
(hairspray, lint brush, mints, tissues,  stain remover, snacks, tape, scissors, flower wire, booze, bribes for children, bobbies, lipstick, etc.) 
I’ll provide. Try me.  



header photo courtesy of Julia Elizabeth Photography